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When considering purchase of PHASA machine and tooling for your next project you will be buying into 28 years of experience and product development. We offer a simple to use process and concept with many technical and quality features over other fixing methods such as Ultrasonic or Hot Tool.

Our PHASA philosophy is to design and build a standard range of machines with customized interchangeable tooling sets to suite your project. We can bring product to market in a timely way with guaranteed delivery and because we do not have to “re-invent the wheel” you will benefit from an economic solution that will go into your plant and work first time every time, with a support back up that is worldwide.

The experience of working with PHASA is not just limited to the equipment supplied, we recognize it is just part of the equation and it is equally important for us to offer early commercial assistance in your costing and technical requirement. Our systems allow us to provide you by return a quick and accurate budget costing even with a limited amount of detail to work on, often within hours and including detailed Timing Plans.

For early project support we offer trial sampling or for low volume prototype work we can hire machines for limited periods. An early consultation with us as to your project needs will often bring an easier approach to production and considerable savings further on.

Working with PHASA you are minimizing your exposure to risk in using an established company of many years standing, having a product and process that works at an economic price.



To discuss your individual requirements call us on +44 (0)1638 561 478

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